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The Nepal Bowling Association is the National governing body of the Sport of Tenpin Bowling in Nepal and recognized as such by the Government through its Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Council. It is also in process of getting recognition from the Asian Bowling Federation (ABE), the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) and the Federation International des Quilleurs(FIQ).
The member of the executive board are all total volunteers giving their time, expertise and services freely. Mr.Senon D. Lama who is pioneer in business field with wide vision, heads the association.
Till now the Association has been successful in grooming bowler to participate in Many International and National Events.In International participation the first participation of Nepal was in 36th AMF Bowling World Cup which was held at Portugal in the year 2000 followed by 37th AMF Bowling World Cup held at Bangkok in the year 2001 and 38th AMF World Cup which was held at Latvia .The association has also organized local tournaments in the country. The association has organized various Opens to determine the Top bowlers in the Country. Similarly, it has organized various Celebration tournaments like Mt. Everest Golden Jubilee Celebration Bowling Tournament, His Royal highness Crown Prince Birthday Celebration Tournament.
The Association is committed toward its objectives to resolve and to promote, regulate and organize the Sport of Tenpin Bowling in Nepal with particular and to emphasis on excellence.