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(A Fun Filled Bowling Marathon for Bowlers & Non- Bowlers & Their Families)


To Celebrate the Nepalese New Years 2061, Nepal Bowling Association is organising this one day event. This one day event is more than just bowling; this is designed to cater the both bowlers & non bowlers and families where they spend their weekend by bowling, eating & entertaining themselves.
Another concept is that the bowlers shall be made to play in 3 different centers in the city in one day which is more like a marathon. Each bowlers shall roll 3 games in three different venues and the scores shall be carried forward. The total pin fall at the end of the third venue shall determine the winner. Breakfast, lunch & tea shall be served on the venues.

24th April 2004,To mark the arrival '2061' Nepal Bowling Association organized "Bowl- O - Run" a fun filled event the bowlers, who participated in previous tournament & non -bowlers, who were new to the bowling world. Altogether 36 bowlers participated in the tournament.
The event started from "Fun World" and second round was held at "Bowling Boulevard" and final round at "Shahanshah sport".

The winner from the bowler's category was:

Winner: Mr. Raj Kumar Ranjit - Total pin fall of 1846 (after 9 games)
First Runner Up: Mr Amit Shahi - Total pin fall of 1727 (after 9 games)
Second Runner Up: Mr Parash Thapa- Total pin fall of 1846 (after 9 games)
Highest score: Mr. Govardan Pahadi with 245 Score.

Similarly in non bowlers (Beginners group):

Winner: Miss Gopi Basnet- Total pin fall of 804 (after 6 games)
First Runner Up: Miss Shova Shrestha - Total pin fall of 662 (after 6 games)
Second Runner Up: Mrs. KC - Total pin fall of 546(after 6 games)
Winner: Mr. Deepak Khadka with total pin fall of 1002(after 6 Games)
First Runner Up: Mr. Dev Raj KC with total pin fall of 970 (after 6 games)
Second Runner Up: Mr. Anil Darshandhari with total pin fall of 927 (after 6 games)
Highest score: with 201 score.

All the winners received gift vouchers from Nepal Bowling Association. On the occasion the upcoming event of Inter Club Bowling Tournament & Inter College (+2) bowling tournament was announced for June & July respectively by the president Mr. Senon D. Lama, Nepal Bowling Association.

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