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Inter Club Invitation Tournament .(May) - Details


The Inter Club invitational tournament is organized to promote ten pin Bowling and to foster relationship among the countries in SAARC region. Nepal Bowling Association is working together with various clubs in SAARC region to promote this event. Altogether 4 local and 4 visiting clubs are expected to participate in the event.

Single Event :( Based on 32 players)

- All the 32 bowlers shall roll 4 games in two blocks of games. The total pin fall after 8 games shall be carried forward to next round: Top 24 bowlers from the 1st round shall reach second round.
- Top 24 bowlers shall roll 4 games each. Based on the total pin fall from 1st and 2nd round the number of bowlers will reach to the third round.
- Top 16 bowlers shall roll 4 games again. The score starts from scratch. Top 8 bowlers shall reach the quarter final.
- The quarter final, semi and final round shall be played on head to head basic: best of three out of five games.

Frequency of games

1st round: 8 games (4 games in 2 blocks)
                  Cut to 24 bowlers
2nd round: 4 games
                   Cut to 16 bowlers
3rd round: 4 games
                  Cut to 8 bowlers
4th round: Quarter, semi and final round
                  Head to Head

Event Date: 20th may 2004 - 23rd may 2004

Team Event: (Based on 8 teams)
(Three bowlers in a team)

- All the teams shall roll 9 games (1 bowler x 3 games)
- After 9 games based on the total pin fall top 4 teams shall reach the final round.
- Top 4 teams shall roll 3 games each. After 3 games: based on the total pin fall of each team the final standing shall be determined.

Frequency of games

1st round: 9 games per team (3 games x 3 bowlers)
                  Cut to 4 bowlers
2nd and final round: 3 games per team (1 game x 3 bowlers)

Venue for the single and team event round:

Fun World:       1st day       Single event (1st round).
Fun World:       2nd day      Single event (1st round).
Boulevard:        3rd day      Single event (2nd round)
Sahansha:        3rd day      Team event (Evening)
Sahansha         4th day       Single Event (3rd round & Final)
Boulevard:       4th day        Team Event (Final round)